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Louder than the angels

There was a song years ago that went “I want to sing louder then the angels.”  I enjoyed the song and thought “I too want to sing louder than the angels.” But I wondered- how can I sing louder than them?  What about God do I know or be more passionate about that would make me sing louder than the angels?  They are in the presence of God ‘day and night’ and there is no way I can sing louder than them.

And then it hit me- forgiveness.  The angels know His glory, power and majesty first hand.  I know of His forgiveness, grace and mercy.  Angels can NEVER know these the way I do.  The only first hand experience they have of sin is Lucifer and God cast him away.

I have to sing of His forgiveness because it’s what I know best.  It’s truly the only aspect of God that I can know the fullness of. So I will make that my anthem- God has forgiven me!!