Prayer for Prayer

We can’t do it alone. Many of us know this and this is why we ask others to pray for us about this and that. With the knowledge of others praying, we feel somehow comforted. Others, friends and beyond, are joining us in our time of need. Others are doing what we may not be able to do ourselves- speak to our Father. We may be too heartbroken and can’t find words. We may be too overwhelmed and be unable to sort though what to say when we find the time to pray. We may be too far away from Him to even think about coming to Him ourselves.

Or we may have just taken on praying for a situation which is beyond our ability. The weight of bringing a friend to the Father may be too great for us. And so we have to ask for prayer as we pray for some friends. Such is my request now.

What has been done cannot be undone. There will be scars. But protect Satan from touching what has already been done. Be there and work to bring about Your glory and grace. Bring growth in Your children.
My heart aches, Lord.