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About Me

“…we are as God made us. –No, I will not say that: I will say, rather, I am as God is making me, and I shall one day be as He has made me.”
~George MacDonald, Paul Faber

There are so may ways to describe a person, from physical appearance to a resume to societal labels. Each has its own importance in different areas of life. So what information is important here on this blog? While the title of my blog is all I think you need to know, I’ll share a little bit about the purpose of my writing this blog.

For years I have written little comments, reflections and essays on Christianity and other such topics. I have never understood the purpose of such writings but always felt they were meant for more than my own reflection. Until the fall of 2008, my writings were never really shared or even talked about. But since then a fire has been slowly growing inside of me to seek the Truth, wrestle to understand it and share my discoveries with others. Hence, this blog exists.

I don’t claim to have amazing wisdom, fancy words or perfect delivery. All I know is that God has put thoughts in my head that are meant to be shared. This isn’t about me, for I am not my own and still growing into the person He has made me to be.

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“Die before you die.  There is no chance after.” C. S. Lewis, “Til We Have Faces”