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The power of Friday

For the past 4 or so years now I have felt strongly about Good Friday.  I believe it is the most powerful ‘holiday’ in the Christian faith and it gets looked over so easily.  Therefore, I am probably more annoyed than I should be about this sermon circulating called “Sunday’s coming.”  It feels like I am watching version of Groundhog Day that is a week long rather than a day.  Place the disciples in a week long repeat of the week before the crucifixion.  I can imagine them saying, every Friday through tears and the painful reminder of their teacher’s death, “but Sunday is coming.”  They didn’t fully realize what His death meant in that time, so their only hope and joy was Sunday.

but Sunday is coming.

but Sunday is coming.

But NOTHING!  Making it all about Sunday sounds like Friday was a curve-ball in God’s plan, unforeseen, and Sunday was needed to make it all better.  Friday was a part of God’s plan too.

Friday is when our sins are forgiven.  Friday is when the veil was torn.  Friday is when He said “It’s is finished.”

Friday is where we are made clean.  Friday is where we are invited into a relationship with God.  Friday is where God’s plan of a Savior is completed.

Yes, Sunday is coming and defeat over death means eternal life with God.  But let’s not forget the power of Friday.  Let’s not be like the disciples and just mourn this day, but let us rejoice for we know what it truly means and there is great power in Friday.